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De Vuelta El Barrio


Acclaimed Cuban salsa band El Niño y La Verdad return to their roots in the barrios of Havana to find inspiration for their latest album. Followed by a Q + A with Director Alejandro Valera In the midst of a musical siege of foreign rhythms and Cuban cultural policy’s apparent apathy for preserving its musical roots, Emilio Frías, lead singer of some of Cuba’s most important salsa bands such as Orquesta Revé, and musician Pachi Naranjo Jr, decided to create El Niño y la Verdad. Just 5 years after launching, the band has staked its position as one of the best young salsa bands in Cuba today. The Cuban filmmaker Alejandro Valera has documented the progress of the band since its inception - nationally and internationally. The film focuses on the recording of the group’s most recent album, which Frías dedicates to his barrio, his neighbourhood, his country, and to the deeply ingrained culture of dance and music on the island. Returning to the place they come from, Emilio Frias and Pachi Naranjo Jr take time to appreciate those who have helped shape their music and their journey.

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